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Tommy Tommy Tommy

Okay so I am waiting to read YA #1 in its entirety until this evening, when Cierra and I can skype read it together.

But I’m not here to talk about that right now. I’m here to talk about TOMMY!!

So Tommy left. That is 100% in character and I’m glad it happened because I’m sorry but Tommy is not emotionally equipped to get all familyfamilyhappyhunkydory. It totally makes sense! Good move Gillen! 

What I DO NOT get is why that means he’s just…gone?

I’m really bitter that they didn’t call him by his name.

I’m really bitter with Gillen for just being rid of him. Tommy IS a mover, of course he moves, but why does that mean he wouldn’t come back?

He stuck with the YA ever since he joined. They were the only family he had. When they broke up, he was devastated. Being a superhero was the first time in his life this boy had a purpose, and respect.



The only people on the team who treated him halfway decent were Kate and Teddy. The writers never delved into his what seems totally awful past (which is silly because comic books FEED on tragic backstories), they never delved into his emotional and abandonment issues, his living situation, nothing. 

Tommy’s entire purpose is to be second fiddle to Billy and I am…I don’t know, I guess it’s getting old?

Tommy & Billy’s Young Avengers Presents issue was Billy’s issue with Tommy playing backup comedic relief. Children’s Crusade was Billy’s song with Tommy doing backup vocals. Maybe not even that. Tambourine? Tommy never had a decent family. By all rights that should have been his story, not Billy’s, who has a family, a great family, and honestly did not have a need to go through a search for another family that lasted AN. ENTIRE. SERIES.

From what little I’ve seen of YA #1 so far, Teddy does call Billy out on this. I love you, Teddy. I love you so much.

I was ranting to my mom about this, about how in an interview I just read Tommy was referred to as “uninteresting” and “an irritant” and essentially useless to the Young Avengers dynamic. How they just replaced him with another White Haired Guy with green accents that significantly less people care about (no offense Noh, you’re lovely, you really are), even though he’s the twin of the main character of the story.

She basically said that the best reason that she could come up with was that the creators either didn’t think the character didn’t have any potential (which is quite possible, how I’ve listened to Gillen talk about him), or that he would come back as a plot device somehow in Billy’s story (WOW wouldn’t that be NEW). 

Both options really upset me. It makes me mad that Gillen seems to be implying that Tommy doesn’t have any use in this story, because I’m sorry, maybe I’m biased because Tommy is my favorite character (of course I’m biased), but he’s my favorite character for a REASON. He’s got so much use. He’s got so much potential that has been completely squandered. And even if he did move on (please please please be with the Young Avengers TOMMY PLEASE), I think he deserved more than a ‘whatever he left bye’. 

And coming back as a plot device also upsets me for essentially all the same reasons that I’ve been discussing—about Tommy being second to Billy, about Tommy being nothing to Billy (You want another family Billy? You’ve got Tommy. Maybe try giving a shit about him for once.), about Tommy having no use as his OWN character.

I don’t know. This has devolved into nothing. I haven’t even said half of what I want to say but this is too long, I’m sorry! 

I guess I’m that crazy Tommy fan. This is embarrassing.

But I WILL have good things to say about Young Avengers vol. 2 tonight, I really will, I’m sure of it. Everyone’s seemed to like it and I love all of these characters and I’m very excited. 

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